Nuclear Application Maps (14 of 14) – Calibration

Maximo for Nuclear Power includes applications to support instrument calibration and the calibration of measurement and test equipment (M&TE).

Assets can be calibrated. Locations can be part of a calibration loop, a set of instruments grouped and calibrated together. Tools can be defined as M&TE devices.

The Data Sheet Template application is used to define the instrument specification, which has normally been set by the manufacturer. The data sheet template defines the calibration process for one or more asset functions, analogue, discreet or both. Each asset function has an input range and an expected output range with tolerances that determine limits of adjustment or failure. An asset function can have multiple calibration points that test the output at nominal input points in the range. Functional check points will result in a pass or fail. Dynamic check points do not affect the calibration result but might be additional data that should be recorded at the point of calibration. The data sheet template supports uncertainty measurements.

A data sheet template is associated with a set of locations and assets that will be calibrated. The frequency of periodic calibration is defined in the Preventive Maintenance application and work orders are generated from the PM so that calibration is carried out in the Work Order Tracking application. The PM references a Job Plan that defines the data sheet to apply for the work assets to be calibrated. The job plan can also reference the calibration tool items that are used as M&TE devices.

On the Work Order Tracking application, you carry out and record the results of the calibration for the instrument or instrument loop, for each data sheet, its functions and calibration points. You record the as found and as left status, and the as found and as left measurements for each calibration point including the results of measurements after adjustment have taken place. You record the results of function and dynamic checks for each asset function. You can review the status of your calibration tools, performing a tool spot check prior to recording the actual tools, M&TE Assets, used in the calibration so that traceability can be provided if the M&TE asset was later found to be out of tolerance.

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