Quiz – How well do you know Maximo? – Item Statuses

One small topic, 10 questions on Item Statuses:

Q1 – Can you delete an item?

Q2 – Which item status(es) is incorrect, PENDING, WAPPR, ACTIVE, APPROVED, PENDOBS, OBSOLETE, CLOSED?

Q3 – There are 5 item statuses which one from the list above is missing?

Q4 – Item statuses exist at the Item and Inventory level, but what other level do they exist at?

Q5 – At what statuses can you reorder items from inventory?

Q6 – At what statuses can you issue, transfer and receive items?

Q7 – Why is there a default item status in both the Sets application as well as the Organizations application?

Q8 – In which Maximo application would you see the check box “Roll New Status to Organizations?”

Q9 – What records does Maximo validate against when changing status to obsolete?

Q10 – Where in Maximo might you be able to use an obsolete item?

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