Quiz – How well do you know Maximo? – Item Stock Categories

One small topic, 10 questions on Item Stock Categories:

Q1 – What are the Stock Categories?

Q2 – In which Inventory module applications can you define a Stock Category for an item?

Q3 – Where in Maximo would you define the Default Stock Category for new items?

Q4 – What action would stop you from being able to change the stock category for an item?

Q5 – What Stock Category would be found in the database for a Service Item?

Q6 – How does the setting of the stock category effect a work order?

Q7 – For a PO line that has been created from a Purchase Requisition line where does it derive the stock category from?

Q8 – From a costing point of view what is the difference between items with different stock categories?

Q9 – What stock categories of an item can you raise a purchase order with Charge To a Storeroom?

Q10 – The Category field exists in the Inventory object why would you consider not using it?

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