Hazards, Precautions and Lock Out / Tag Out

The Safety module will be found in the Planning module and consists of four applications, three of which we will cover now, Hazards, Precautions and Lock Out / Tag Out.


The Hazards application is where you associate hazards with precautions, create hazardous materials, and associate hazards with tag outs. All three scenarios are considered hazards, i.e. you need a hazard record.

Hazards exist at the organization level, but all other parts of the safety module are defined at the site level. The reason for this is due to some functionality around the handling of material safety, and items exist at the organization level, the Item/Organization Details. Material Safety will be discussed in another article.

When you create a new hazard you can choose a type, from the values of MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL, HEALTH and PROPERTY, supported by an ALN Domain HAZTYPE. You will then need to choose from the available associations. A hazard can have precautions and hazardous material associations. A hazard with Tag Out associations cannot have either precaution or hazardous material associations.

Hazards with Precautions

The Precautions application is a library of precautions defined at the site level. A precaution code and a description. For example, to handle an acid you would have precautions of Gloves and Goggles. A precaution can be associated with multiple hazards, you can view these from the Precautions application, but you can only create them from the Hazards application in the Precautions tab where there is a New Row button. In our example SULFACID – Sulfuric Acid may be the hazard and GLOVES, GOGGLES the two precautions.

Hazardous Materials

When a hazard is associated with a hazardous material this enables five fields in the Hazardous Material Information section. The Health, Flammability, Reactivity, and Contact are numeric fields normally in the range of 0 to 4 where 4 is the highest. The first three are associated with the chemical diamond symbol you sometimes see on the back of a truck, with four small diamonds coloured blue, red, yellow, and a white diamond at the bottom. The fifth field is the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) reference.

Hazards with Tag Outs

To mitigate a hazard, you may be able to isolate an asset with one or more Lock Out and Tag Out procedures, this is sometimes referred to as LOTO (Lock Out and Tag Out). You might notice that there is no New Row or Delete Row buttons. This is because you make the association from the Locations and Assets applications, but before you do that you will need to create the LOTO procedure from the Lock Out / Tag Out application.

Lock Out / Tag Out Application

You create a Tag Out record in the Lock Out / Tag Out application. Read this as “In order to tag out an asset or location to achieve a required state I need to perform a set of operations in a set sequence, the Apply Sequence.” When removing the tag out there is a Remove Sequence which may not be the same as the apply sequence but in reverse. In the header of the Tag Out record you identify either the location or the asset, they are mutually exclusive, only one of the fields can be entered. You also enter the Required State field, for example EL-ISO (Electrically Isolated), or NOFLOW (No flow). These records exist at the site level.

In the Lock Out Operations you enter either a location, asset, or a description of what you are locking, if the asset is not held in Maximo, but much better if it is. You also enter the Locking Device Required State, Open, Closed, On, Off, etc. Then the two sequences Apply Sequence and Remove Sequence. Think of these as procedural steps, you can have a lock out operation record with just a description.

Spare Fields

The Safety applications of Maximo were designed to be configurable, this is why there is no status field, if you want a status field, then it can be configured. There are twenty spare fields in the HAZARDS object HAZ01 – HAZ20 which will be copied to the work order’s hazard table. There are ten spare fields in the PRECAUTION object PREC01 – PREC10 which will be copied to the work order’s precaution table. Eight spare fields in the TAGOUT object TAG01 – TAG08 and ten fields in the LOCKOUT object LCK01 – LCK10 which are both copied to the corresponding work order tables, WOTAGOUT and WOLOCKOUT.


Hazards and Precautions

Lock Out / Tag Out

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