Receipt Tolerances


A receipt tolerance is applied to a PO line and during receiving if the quantity or amount exceeds the PO line quantity or amount plus the tolerance then an error message will be received.

Prior to Maximo 7.5 when this function was added a warning was received if there was an over-receipt of materials or services but there was no restriction.

A Receipt Tolerance (RECEIPTTOLERANCE) field has been added to the ITEM, ITEMORGINFO, INVENTORY, INVVENDOR and POLINE objects, it is a percentage value. The action Item/Organization Details on Item Master application will allow you to overwrite the percentage at the Organization level. This value is defaulted when the item is added to a storeroom, but again can be changed. When a vendor is added in the Reorder Details tab (INVVENDOR) of Inventory application the default is derived from the Organization level default (ITEMORGINFO).

On the PO line when the item is selected the receipt tolerance percentage will be defaulted. If the Vendor on the PO matches that on the INVVENDOR for the item then it will be defaulted from this record, otherwise it is defaulted from the ITEMORGINFO record but will be replaced by the receipt tolerance percentage if a storeroom is then selected.

The Receipt Tolerance Quantity (RECEIPTTOLQTY) on the PO line is calculated by applying the Receipt Tolerance Percentage to the quantity. For example, quantity of 50 and Receipt Tolerance Percentage of 10.00 (%) then the Receipt Tolerance Quantity will be set to 5. The Receipt Tolerance Quantity can be modified but this will blank the Receipt Tolerance Percentage. Receipt Tolerance Quantities can be used on all types of PO Line including services and tools.

Receipt Tolerance based on amounts are only available for service PO lines, line types of Standard Service or Service. The Receipt Tolerance Amount (RECEIPTTOLAMT) is normally set to be read-only, it will be editable only if the Quantity field is blank and a Line Cost is entered greater than zero. The Receipt Tolerance Amount will be calculated from the Receipt Tolerance Percentage but the Receipt Tolerance Amount can be entered directly.

It is not possible to have both a Receipt Tolerance Quantity and a Receipt Tolerance Amount. If the Receipt Tolerance Quantity and Receipt Tolerance Amount are both null then it is assumed that there is no tolerance and no over receipt will be allowed.

On the Receiving application for:

BMXAA7883W – A quantity of 30.0 is received against purchase order line 1, exceeding the ordered quantity and receipt tolerance of 25.0 by 5.0. Click “OK” to receive 25.0.

A line cost of 300.0 is received against purchase order line 2, exceeding the ordered cost and receipt tolerance of 210.0 by 90.0. Click “OK” if you want to receive 210.0. (BMXAA7884)

When pressing OK the received quantity or amount will be to the remaining quantity or amount that is to the limit set by the tolerance. Any over received quantity or amount will also be stored and displayed on the Material Receipt or Service Receipt.


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  1. Mahadevan avatar

    Could you please tell me how to print the error message in case of over receipt.Maximo 7.5 also gives a warning message,how we can totally prevent the over receipt by default.

    1. RobJ avatar

      Use an automation script on object POLINE, attribute ORDERQTY.

      Set the RECEIPTTOLQTY to limit the quantity that can be received. After setting this field, make it read only. If this field is specified, then the most that can be received is the ORDERQTY plus this tolerance.

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