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Maximo HSE Applications - HSE-SR

The Service Requests (HSE) application would be the main application used by a Service Desk function. It is the application which connects Maximo users to non-Maximo users or infrequent users who only make a request for a particular type of service. The Service Requests (HSE) application is often used to support office facility requests. However, it can also be used as a work request particularly if the work requires an approval process or it is unlikely to be actioned immediately, it can be the source of the creation of a defect.

Unless the Service Desk can resolve the request themselves then the service request (SR) is likely to result in a follow-up ticket or work order.

You can also create an Audit and Survey from a SR but there is no option for creating a Defect, but this can be added through configuration.

As a clone of the Service Requests application all of the standard Maximo functionality is inherited:

The Service Request is the application which is likely to interact with the widest audience.


Service Requests (HSE)

The additional functionality added to Service Requests (HSE) is as follows:

Service Request Tab

The following three fields are not copied to any follow-up work order as standard, but they could be added to the TICKET2WO crossover domain.


Create Actions

Related Records Tab

In addition to related Tickets and Related Work Orders, HSE provides:


Failure Reporting Tab

This is the same tab that can be seen on Incidents (HSE) or Work Order Tracking (HSE) applications. It allows a failure report to be created to indicate the Problem, Cause and Remedy of an asset or location. The first step will be to pick the Failure Class unless this derives automatically for you from the selected location or asset. You are then presented with the defined problem codes for this failure class. The root cause and remedy are typically unknown at the point the SR is being raised unless the data is being entered retrospectively.


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