The Inventory and Procurement applications have been extended by Maximo for Nuclear Power.

  • Terms and Conditions can be identified as being quality, technical or commercial terms or conditions. Each term has a status and a revision number. 
  • Companies have a quality status and can have multiple quality terms and conditions. Audit details can be recorded against a company. Companies and items can be associated to indicate the qualified vendors for an item.
  • Item Master records can have multiple technical terms and conditions. Items can be marked as requiring a quality vendor, and whether the item can be purchased with or without the consent of the procurement-engineering group.
  • Inventory records can be similarly marked as being able to be purchased without the consent of the procurement-engineering group. There is an option to exclude quality items from the reorder process.
  • Purchase RequisitionsPurchase Orders and Requests for Quotations separate out the different types of terms and conditions and will prohibit or warn you if the vendor is not qualified to supply the items being purchased or the vendor audit status has lapsed or is insufficient for nuclear grade buys. When you create a PO from a PR quality items are separated from non-quality items.
  • Commercial terms and conditions are used with contracts and purchasing