The Planning and Scheduling module has the applications provided by the add-on products Scheduler and Scheduler Plus. Planning aspects are performed in core Maximo applications the principle one being Job Plans, you will need to plan work orders to make an effective use of the Scheduler applications. All the scheduling applications are graphical and functionally rich.

The Graphical Scheduling application is for long to short term planning, there is a Gantt chart with histogram below showing the resource loading versus availability for the work orders included in the Gantt chart. Short term planning is best handled by using a rolling project where the work queries pull in work orders scheduled within the next 2-4 weeks. Graphical Scheduling will include the resource requirements of PMs without generating the work orders and will also support the scheduling of work for a set of locations or assets.

The Graphical Assignment application is for short term planning, typically within 2 weeks and the assignment of labor and crews to the work order assignments, it has three views. The Work View and Assignment View are both Gantt chart based, a supervisor would use drag and drop functions to assign the labor or crews to the work assignments. The Dispatch View shows the labor and crews assignments visually on a day calendar and map, it takes into account the travel time between work assignments. Using Maximo’s location based services the latest geographic position of the labor or crew can be displayed along with new emergency work that needs assignment. The dispatcher graphically reassigns work to meet the new demand and street level routes for the labor and crews can be recalculated.

The Graphical Assignment Repair Facilities application is also used for short term planning and assignment. A repair facility is used by transportation assets and might be a garage, railway shed, or airport hanger. The repair facility is a location and it has a number of slots or bays where work is performed on the mobile asset. A work order can be assigned to one or more repair facility bays and labor or crews assigned that work at the repair facility. 

The Graphical Crew Management application is used to assign labor to crew positions which require a type of craft. This is for week ahead crew management taking into account the unavailability of labor due to holidays, and the day to day management of the crew for short notice absences due to sickness and other reasons. 

The Graphical Scheduling and Graphical Assignments applications support an optimization engine that performs resource levelling, capacity planning, automated assignments including taking into account geographically dispersed work and there is also a model for handling the emergency work scenario, reworking remaining assignments to accommodate the new priority work.

Scheduler Plus has a version of the Graphical Scheduling application for large projects and would be used for outages and shutdowns. This allows backward pass scheduling, the display of the critical path and the calculation of progress. The Graphical Appointment Book is used by a customer services representative to schedule appointments at fixed slots in a calendar. This application can display weather information.