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Nuclear operating organizations must comply with regulatory requirements in order to retain their operating license. The records of the Tech Spec application represent the technical specifications or equivalent regulations that apply to your organization. Surveillance Requirements records are the activities and their frequencies that are used to monitor compliance with the tech spec. Both record types are under revision control.

Plant systems, or components have a minimum requirement for safe operation of the plant, a Limiting Condition for Operation (LCO). A limiting condition can occur during planned maintenance or when there is an unplanned breakdown. The actions that need to be performed when a limiting condition occurs is defined in the Tech Spec record but each occurrence of it is tracked in the LCO Tracking application. LCO Tracking records allow you to monitor the defined actions and manage the processing of them. LCO Tracking records are linked to various other records that brought about the LCO and the work orders to fix the issue or to perform surveillance activities.

Surveillances are planned using a Preventive Maintenance (PM) record and a surveillance work order can be generated either on a frequency basis or on demand. During work order completion for each location, asset and CI referenced on the work order you add completion codes that indicate whether the surveillance test was a success or failure, retest work orders can be created when there is a failure.

A commitment is made when a nuclear power plant has to comply with external regulatory requirements, and industry codes and standards. Commitments can also be internal resulting from audits or reviews, used to reinforce policies and procedures or when there is a change to those policies and procedures. The commitment will result in actions performed on locations and assets, or other activities, for example training. The commitment is recorded in the Commitment Tracking application and the actions are followed-up on work orders, progress being monitored by the number of work orders at each status. There are various ways of creating the actions, one uses an Asset List, another uses a Master PM, and there is an action for generating work orders from the commitment record.

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