In Maximo for Nuclear Power there are a number of functional areas that are added to core Maximo, you can see them listed on the right hand side. This introduces a further 31 new applications and 16 extensions to those found in core Maximo. The main areas added as part of the Nuclear Industry Solution are:

  • Configuration Management – this is the component configuration changes made over time, and the processes associated with making these changes, change management
  • Regulatory Management – the registration of technical specifications and surveillance requirements, and the tracking of Limiting Conditions for Operation (LCO) and other commitments made to the regulator
  • Operational Management – Clearances is the management of tagging and isolation processes and is closely coupled with work orders. Lineups is the planning and execution of component positions required for operational or test procedures and maintenance activities. Duty Stations is the recording of all activity across multiple shifts for a functional role on a unit, effectively a log book. This includes the recording of measurements, meter readings and other observations as part of an operators round.
  • Calibration – The Nuclear Industry Solution also includes Maximo Calibration which is used for instrument calibration, calibration of instrument loops, and calibration of measurement and test equipment (M&TE).

The work management modules have been enhanced particular Preventive Maintenance and the main work order application, Work Order Tracking. Impact Plans is the impact on operations and maintenance of performing work. The Permits application is used for permit to work. Surveillances is component testing needed to support regulatory requirements, and comprises surveillance planning and surveillance testing.

The other add-ons which may optionally be included for Nuclear clients are:

  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) – there is some overlap with the Nuclear Industry Solution. HSE might be a good fit for Construction and Decommissioning phases. For Commissioning and Operations phases, HSE is still relevant but primary focus might be to implement Maximo and the additional functionality shown here as part of the Nuclear Industry Solution, before moving on to other HSE applications.
  • Mobile – In the Maximo Anywhere product there is an option on the mobile work execution application to perform Calibration. There is also a Nuclear specific mobile application for operator rounds.
  • Maximo Asset Health Insights, the IBM Watson IoT Platform and Predictive Maintenance Insights, are part of the growing IBM Maximo APM (Asset Performance Management) product suite. These could also be relevant, they are more focused towards meeting the needs of the reliability engineers on a Nuclear plant.