Maximo Asset Health Insights (MAHI) would be used by reliability engineers to gain visibility of the health of assets and locations. Factors like condition, performance, costs and remaining useful life enable you to monitor assets to prevent their failure. If you are more aware of an assets health then you may use this information to adjust preventive maintenance or inspection schedules or make repair or replacement decisions.

In MAHI you use scoring methods created using Maximo Formulas to derive a health score for the asset and location. A reliability engineer creates multiple drivers for example condition, cost, etc, and then for each driver one or more factors, for example measurements and observations could be factors for the condition driver. Each factor and driver can have a weighted value. Health scores are calculated against the assets and the lowest health score is shown on the location and up the location hierarchy to the top. Health scores can be updated using background crontasks. As a reliability engineer I can subscribe to notifications on assets to define what situations I want to be notified of, and how I want to be notified, within Maximo or by email or SMS.

Failure history and the preventive maintenance schedules of assets can be used with an integration to IBM Predictive Maintenance, a cloud based predictive model for determining the next predicted failure date. This would require a license to use IBM Predictive Maintenance. This application will also indicate whether your PMs are being performed too frequently or too infrequently and by how much.

SCADA data, sensor data or data already collected in data historians like OSI PI, can be collected through IBM Watson IoT Platform and used to monitor asset conditions and trigger actions based on the change of data. The sensor data associated with an asset at a location can be visualized on a map for geographically dispersed assets. If a client has license to IBM IoT Weather Data on Cloud they can access historical, current and forecast weather, as weather can be a factor in asset life. If a client has the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) add-on then they can investigate and reduce asset risks from the Risk Reduction tab. This is a view onto the open investigations made from the Reliability Work Center.