Maximo Nuclear Overview

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There are three mobile products from IBM associated with Maximo. Maximo Anywhere is the only one which provides disconnected working. Maximo Everyplace and Maximo Work Centers are both browser based and work in connected mode only.

Maximo Anywhere uses the IBM MobileFirst platform for creating mobile applications and this also handles device management and security. They work on IOS, Android and Windows, and can be used with smartphone or tablets. There are currently more than 10 applications, some are provided with the Industry Solutions, for example with HSE there is an Incident Reporter mobile application and for Nuclear an application for Operator Rounds.

The main mobile applications are set around Asset, Inventory and Work.

These applications are an extension of Maximo functionality onto a mobile device and have the expected functions that you would see in the core Maximo desktop based applications. 

In addition to these mobile applications Maximo Anywhere has a desktop administration application which controls the data and lookup queries used by each application and security group. Maximo Anywhere applications are built into the security framework of Maximo. Some Maximo Anywhere applications support online and offline maps. GPS Tracking and Push Notifications are used to notify a user about assigned work, for example, when they have been reassigned to work on an emergency work order. Error checking ensures that Maximo data validations are being maintained. Mobile instrument calibration is supported with an extension to the Maximo Anywhere Work Execution application.

Maximo Everyplace is browser based and works in connected mode only, there is no offline capability. The default applications are work order based one for a Supervisor and the other for a Technician. Configuration is performed using Application Designer, the same application used for configuring Maximo desktop applications. An existing Maximo application can be converted to a Maximo Everyplace application by cloning it (copying it), marking it as a mobile application, which will make the buttons larger, then removing fields and moving others around to fit the size of the device. 

Maximo Work Centers are relatively new, the first ones were released in June 2016 as part of the feature pack and they have been enhanced and added to frequently since then. Work Centers are role based and are responsive to fit the user interface to the device whether desktop, tablet or smartphone. They are based on HTML5 and web component technology.

With Maximo 7.6.1 there was the entitlement to download and use Cognos Analytics 11.0.11. This is the on-premise version only. There is a mobile application for Cognos Analytics.

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