Maximo Scheduler Overview

Assets that move (trains, aeroplanes, trucks/buses, and ships) may have their maintenance performed at a repair facility (rail shed, hanger, garage, shipyard). The site of the repair facility may not be the same as the asset’s site. Specific capability was moved from the IBM Maximo for Transportation industry solution a few years back to enable repair facilities to be handled in the core part of Maximo. When you mark a location as a repair facility the Location Assignments table window appears. The child locations of a repair facility can also be marked as a repair facility, and these will be the bays used by the mobile assets when they enter the repair facility.

If Repair Facilities have been enabled for the organization then on a work order you can indicate the repair facility to use. 

The Graphical Assignment – Repair Facilities applications main aim is to assign work orders that require a repair facility to the bays of the repair facility. It is assigning the asset referenced on the work order to the repair facility location bays and not assigning labor or crews to the work order which is the purpose of the Graphical Assignment application. A location assignment is made on the Assignment View tab by dragging an orange bar representing an unassigned work order to a white space in an available bay of a repair facility, this turns the bar green. There is a right-click action to find an Available Location. Once assigned the location assignment will be seen in both the Work Order Tracking and the Locations applications. The assignment is only made on the work order that requires a repair facility and not any of the work orders in its work order hierarchy.

A calendar/shift on the repair facility locations indicates the dates/times when the repair facility will be available. The locations which are the bays must be child locations of the repair facility location, so that when multiple bays are needed, they all have the same parent location. The Scheduled Start, Finish and Duration on the work order are all used to indicate when and for how long the repair facility is needed. You can lock the assignment time, and this marks the location assignment as having an appointment. The appointment required check box indicates that the assignment must be locked in.

A mobile asset can be assigned to multiple bays. You select the bays you want to assign and then use the right-click action Assign to Selected Locations. One location assignment is made primary and the others secondary, they have a slightly lighter green bar and blue at the end of the bar. The primary assignment has white text and the secondary bars black text. Moving the primary assignment in time will move all secondary assignments. 

There are some other right-click bar options like being able to add a log note to the work order. 

Double-booking a location will shade the location and its description yellow. Moving a work order beyond its time constraints (SNE and FNL constraint dates) will colour the work bar yellow. If you move the work bar to occur at a time which is not entirely within the shift of the locations calendar, then both the bar and the location will be coloured yellow. The location assignments could be performed on the Locations or Work Order Tracking applications, but it would not be obvious when these validation issues are present.

The Work View tab is for seeing all the work orders that were brought into the schedule in a Gantt chart. There are also right-click options on this tab.

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