Maximo Scheduler Overview

There are tool tips available on Graphical Scheduling and Graphical Assignment applications including for the Large Projects and Repair Facilities versions. A tool tip is displayed on the Graphical view for the work or resource record when you use the Alt-Click action or Option-Click action on a Mac. Tool tips have also been added to the Graphical Work Week and Graphical Resource View applications, and they also exist on Graphical Crew Management application.

There are 13 tooltips that can be configured in the Configure Tooltips application. These configuration records are defined at the Site level and as an administrator you may need to first set your Default Insert Site. You can use the Tooltip Preview button, but this will not show any values, so you will probably test in the application where the tool tip is used.

The fields that can be used must first be defined as a property in the Configure Gantt View Properties – Default Settings action.

System Properties can be defined to modify what appears in an activity or resource bar (.tip) and also what appears when you hover over an activity or resource bar (.tip.tpl).

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