Maximo Scheduler Overview

The Scheduling Alternate Resources application is used with Graphical Scheduling or Graphical Scheduling – Large Projects schedules. It is used to provide an alternate level of availability of craft, crew type or tool item resources for the whole scheduling project or over a period of time. The changes to the available quantities are made for a particular shift where the resource is used. 

It is used because for a future project the individual resources remain unknown, or you are aiming to use sub-contractors and the labor records may either never be entered or are unknown at this stage. Some clients do not use Maximo calendars and availability and so this provides a way of being able to reflect the availability that you wish to use for your schedule. It could also be used for what-if analysis, what-if I increased the level of electricians by two weeks in November, which is the example used in the screenshot. 

A schedule is selected from the lookup and then the Modify button will copy the resources used on the schedule to the Modify Alternate Availability table window. The quantities can then be amended or the Add New Alternate Availability button at the right end of the table window used to add alternate availability for a period of time. 

The Use Alternate Availability check box on More Information tab of Graphical Scheduling or Graphical Scheduling – Large Projects applications will need to be selected to allow these alternate resources to be used.

Alternate resources only work at the Craft level and not Craft-Skill level.

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