Manage Inventory

The Manage Inventory Work Center is one of the largest and is used for both the creation of items as well as the management of items in storerooms. The three buttons in the left pane are for reservations and issues, storerooms, and item management.

When you use the All Items button you are presented with a list view similar to that in Item Master where you can add a new item or import a set of items or navigate to the details of an existing item. When you have navigated into an item you can set an image for it, set the order and issue units and a conversion between the two, define an item as a rotating item or an item that will maintain balances at the lot level. You can add other image files as attachments, set a default vendor, or set the commodity group and code. On the Storerooms tab you can add the item to a storeroom and enter the bin, set the cost type, enter a count frequency and enter reorder points and a lead time. You can change status and roll this down to the storeroom, once active in a storeroom the item can be added to multiple bins. You can view bin balances and availability. If the item is a rotating item, you will get a new tab to see where the assets are located.

The Storerooms button will bring you to a dashboard showing each storeroom as a card, you can add a new storeroom and set its ship to address. When you navigate into a storeroom, on the balances tab you see a view of the items and their balances. There are a set of actions which allow you to edit the storeroom item, issue it, transfer it, set reorder rules or view the rotating assets that make up the storeroom balance. On the Counts tab you can enter a new count for each item, but you cannot yet reconcile the balances unless you are using Maximo EAM SaaS.

The Reservations button has two tabs one for reservations and the other for issued items. The list of all reservations has the ability to filter on each column. There are actions at the end of each row to edit, issue or delete the reservation, but you can also issue or delete multiple reservation lines. The Issued Items tab has a filter row with a button at the right-hand end to allow you to return an item previously issued.

In the Maximo EAM SaaS version, you can now filter on each field in the All Items list view and you can find an item by scanning it. Scanning is supported in multiple places including scanning bins and lots. You can reconcile the balances after a physical count and there is now support for condition enabled items.