Service Requests

The Service Request Task allows any user with a Maximo login to submit a new request or describe an issue that they have observed. This could be a facility issue, an issue that an operator observes with regard to plant machinery or a health, safety or environment issue. The user drills down through a set of categories or issues, normally two or three levels where they can describe the request, add photos or videos from their smartphone and if relevant associate the request or issue with a location or asset. It is possible, if your data supports this, to find locations which are near to your GPS location or to read a QR code or barcode for the asset. Each category may provide additional questions for the requester to answer, or instructional text to guide them.

Once submitted the user can track progress of service requests that they have raised or have been raised on their behalf, the status and who is owning the request, and any comments that have been provided by them including comments that may originate from a follow-up work order. The requester can also create their own comments or answer the questions raised by the service request owner.

For many clients the Service Request Task will be a replacement for the Self-Service module applications, Create Service Request and View Service Requests.