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Roundup of other features

Design Data Sets Tool

Business Analysts can use the Data Set Designer to create data sets without involving IT personnel. The user uses a wizard type interface to performs four steps:

  1. Select an Object Set that has been previously created. These object sets may be based on one or more Maximo objects, you may think of them as tables of data, however, the object set has already been defined with the joins between those tables to make for an efficient query on the Maximo database. Maximo comes with more than 20 object sets to choose from.
  2. Configure the Content requires you to select the fields from the objects in the object set that you wish the data set to contain. Holding down the Control key allows you to select multiple fields. Once selected you can then order the fields and choose up to three fields from the parent object to sort by.
  3. Define Filters lets you select an existing query or create and validate a new one. If you select an existing query, then you can copy the text and paste it into the new query before modifying it.
  4. Save allows you to name the query, provide a description, and preview the results before saving. Once saved you can download the results to a CSV file.

Once created the Data Set now appears in the left-hand pane – Data Set Library – of the Business Analysis Work Center

Business Analysis Work Center

The Business Analysis Work Center shows a set of KPIs along the top and then there are three panes to show Data Sets, Work Management metrics and Data Management metrics.

The KPIs are focused on data quality or key work order metrics. You can display a KPI history line graph, change the chart type or export as an image.

The three Work Management containers focus on the quantity of overdue work by status and supervisor, the quantity of backlog work order by work type, and the quantity of work orders that are at waiting for materials state, these queries can be filtered by priority. The Data Management panes show the percentage of assets with no classification for each asset priority and similarly the percentage of assets with no failure class for each asset priority.

As you can see the Business Analysis Work Center is very much focused on operational and data quality.

Map Work Center

The Map Work Center is used by clients with a Maximo Spatial license. It is a full screen map that displays map features, there is a toolbar with map tools. You use a Service Address to position a map point and then associate locations or assets with the service address. Service Request and Work Order information is positioned on the map by their association with a location or asset.

The Work Execution and Work Supervision Work Centers are also map enabled, you get a map icon in the left-hand pane of those work centers.

Maximo Management Interface (MMI)

This is a set of REST APIs that allows an administrator to access information about the state of the Maximo deployment. You can gather information on each JVM. For example, information on the Maximo server processes or the resources used, memory, operating system, JVM threads, etc. There are more than 20 Java agents provided out of the box. It uses JSON data format and HTTP GET requests, to provide the information, it does not allow any modification.

Work Center Configuration

Work Center configuration is currently limited, only a few aspects of the Work Supervision and Work Execution Work Centers. You need to have been granted access to the WCDESIGNER security group and you need to use the Chrome browser to be able to see the pencil icon in the top right of the screen, and then to go into Design Mode.

An administrator can change the attributes displayed on a work order card in the Design Card dialog, but you cannot add additional fields. You can also modify the Kanban style container queries in the Work Supervision Work Center and the query tabs in Work Execution Work Center, when doing so the Design Work Panel dialog opens. This allows you to use different types of queries and date ranges, including using a saved query to modify the work order queries which fetch records in both work centers. There is a help document explaining the query syntax.

Barcode and QR code scanning

Barcode and QR code scanning is available when selecting an asset or location in the Service Request and Work Supervision work centers, and when reporting items and tools used on a work order in the Work Execution work center. This is only available on mobile devices and not a desktop, as using the scanning icon will open the camera on the device. The phone or tablet also needs to have a secure connection (https) through to the Maximo server.

In Maximo barcode and QR code scanning is not currently available in the Manage Inventory work center, but it is available in the Maximo EAM SaaS version for items and bins.

My Profile

The My Profile dialog allows a user to change their default insert site and add/change their photo. The dialog also displays their ship to and bill to addresses, and the location where they normally reside.

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5 responses to “Maximo Work Centers”

  1. Jan-Willem Steur avatar
    Jan-Willem Steur

    Hi Andrew, great article!!

    In Maximo it is also possible to enter meter readings and downtime. Similar to Work Supervision, the Work Execution provides a map feature (same left handed navigation pane), but only support MX spatial maps.

  2. George avatar

    Is there a way to open tasks on the Plans tab of Work Execution? The task description cuts off at 41 characters and has no long description. No sure if this is supposed to open when you select it.

    1. maximosecrets avatar

      Hi George – In Work Execution Work Center on Plans tab you will have a card for each task, the description can be longer than 41 characters, I saw one of at least 50 that was not truncated, and there is a Long Description button, that looks like an eye. This is grey when there is no long description and blue when there is. This was on The tasks long description shows rich text formatting.

      1. George avatar

        Thanks Andrew. I’m looking at a number of tasks that are being cut off in Work Execution. All of them display the first 40 characters of the task description, followed by 3 periods. Since the task description field is set to 100 characters OOB, the long description field will be blank unless there is a description that goes over that. The only solution I see would be to copy and paste every task description to the LD field so they can be accessible from Work Execution.

      2. maximosecrets avatar

        Hi George, not exactly 40 characters of the task description before the … it is variable. It hasn’t truncated the description, use the hover over to see the full description of the task. I wouldn’t copy and paste into Long Description and I would test first with a mobile device or tablet as the behavior may be different depending on device. If this is still a problem, hover over for example wouldn’t work on a mobile device, then in first instance create a case with Support – saying that you can’t see full task description. It may be that they treat this is a bug rather than an RFE, I think it should be the former – there shouldn’t be any reason why in Work Centers you can’t see the full task description no matter what device is used. regards – Andrew

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