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The Manage Assets Work Center is the latest to be developed and it is currently only available on Maximo EAM SaaS. There are three buttons in the left-hand pane, summary, assets and places.

The Summary button gives you a count of the number of locations and assets and allows you to add a new location or asset, or to upload a set of records from a CSV file. There is the ability to download a template and an information page that describes the requirements for each record and its attributes.

The Places button opens a dashboard with each location as a card, but with the ability to filter and sort. Actions are also available here to add a new location or import a set of locations. The dashboard has three tabs for locations, service address and systems.

The Assets button opens a dashboard with each asset as a card, but with the ability to filter and sort. Actions are also available here to add a new asset or import a set of assets. The asset details page lets you add an image for the asset, add/change the asset type, serial number, priority and failure class, modify the location where the asset resides including moving the asset across sites, add a parent asset or select a set of assets to become children, and then change the status rolling the status down to descendent assets. You can view the work order history for the asset and attach additional photos or videos.

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  1. Jan-Willem Steur avatar
    Jan-Willem Steur

    Hi Andrew, great article!!

    In Maximo it is also possible to enter meter readings and downtime. Similar to Work Supervision, the Work Execution provides a map feature (same left handed navigation pane), but only support MX spatial maps.

  2. George avatar

    Is there a way to open tasks on the Plans tab of Work Execution? The task description cuts off at 41 characters and has no long description. No sure if this is supposed to open when you select it.

    1. maximosecrets avatar

      Hi George – In Work Execution Work Center on Plans tab you will have a card for each task, the description can be longer than 41 characters, I saw one of at least 50 that was not truncated, and there is a Long Description button, that looks like an eye. This is grey when there is no long description and blue when there is. This was on The tasks long description shows rich text formatting.

      1. George avatar

        Thanks Andrew. I’m looking at a number of tasks that are being cut off in Work Execution. All of them display the first 40 characters of the task description, followed by 3 periods. Since the task description field is set to 100 characters OOB, the long description field will be blank unless there is a description that goes over that. The only solution I see would be to copy and paste every task description to the LD field so they can be accessible from Work Execution.

      2. maximosecrets avatar

        Hi George, not exactly 40 characters of the task description before the … it is variable. It hasn’t truncated the description, use the hover over to see the full description of the task. I wouldn’t copy and paste into Long Description and I would test first with a mobile device or tablet as the behavior may be different depending on device. If this is still a problem, hover over for example wouldn’t work on a mobile device, then in first instance create a case with Support – saying that you can’t see full task description. It may be that they treat this is a bug rather than an RFE, I think it should be the former – there shouldn’t be any reason why in Work Centers you can’t see the full task description no matter what device is used. regards – Andrew

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