Manage Inspection Forms

The Manage Inspection Forms tool opens and brings you to a dashboard showing each inspection form in the library as a card, you can create a new inspection form. The initial inspection form is at draft status and revision 1, inspection forms are under revision control.

An inspection form is a series of questions which you want an inspector or technician to answer. As you write the question you choose the response and whether it is a mandatory to respond, you may also add instructional text. The responses might be a single choice from a set of possible answers, a single numeric value, a date and/or time, a meter reading, a text response, or the ability to add an attachment, perhaps a photo or video. Questions can be grouped, and you can add conditions from one question to another or group of questions depending on the answer provided. You can also preview what the inspection form will look like when the technician or inspector is conducting the inspection.

When an inspection form has been created it can be associated with a job plan or job plan task, and a route stop so that on a work order it can appear on the work order header, its tasks, or on a record in the multiple assets and locations table. Recurring inspections would use a PM record with the inspection form on the job plan or route. You can also associate inspection forms with locations and assets so that they become a recommended inspection when planning or conducting an inspection. Inspection forms have a type to make it easier to choose the right one.

Follow-up actions, for example to create a follow-up work order, use an automation script to execute the action. It is possible to create an audio guided inspection. With a little bit of configuration it is also possible to add an inspection form into the receiving process in either the Receiving or Shipment Receiving applications.