Welcome to Work Centers

The Welcome page that a user sees may be quite different to the one shown, it all depends on the rights that the user has been given which is controlled from the Security Groups application. For example, if a user has access to Maximo APM – Asset Health Insights then they will see an extra Work Center icon for this.

Throughout these slides you may see some yellow text. I have been comparing the Work Centers in Maximo with those which can be found if you are using the latest Maximo EAM SaaS version. The IBM team are on a continuous delivery model and new functionality is being rolled into Maximo EAM SaaS before it is released for existing clients. In fact, since starting these slides IBM have rolled through another set of enhancements (January 2020) so I expect I will be out of date shortly after I publish this document.

One additional Work Center which has yet to be released to Maximo on-premise clients is the Manage Assets Work Center, you’ll find a slide on that later.