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I’ve been monitoring the evolution and progress of Work Centers for the last three years or so and have been meaning to do a deep dive since Maximo was released at the end of May 2019. There were significant changes in this release, not just the addition of Manage Inventory, but also in Work Supervision and Work Execution, support for barcodes and QR codes, and the ability to set conditions between the response of one inspection question and a set of others. The functional footprint of work centers has also been marching on a pace in the Maximo EAM SaaS version, and it looks likely that we will see a good slice of that functionality appearing soon for existing clients and new on-premise ones.

If you have not previously looked at Work Centers, now may be the time to do so. They only work in connected mode, not offline, but many clients have good coverage using Wifi or GSM. The ability to configure is still a limitation, you cannot add additional fields, but we can see that IBM has added some configuration capability and we know from the Maximo roadmap sessions that it is firmly on IBM’s radar.

This is a starting point for me with regard to Work Centers and Maximo Secrets. I have gathered a lot of other information and will add additional pages over the next few weeks. But as Work Centers change and evolve I expect that I will have to battle to keep these pages up to date.

I hope you have enjoyed these pages and I thank you for listening.